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Staff member
Aug 12, 2019
Hi, introduce yourself,
what do you do in life ?
& where are you from?
& did you check the local section of the forum ? If your english is not very good you can write in your own language > just find the subforum dedicated to your language.

Remember, once you reach Jnr rank you will start to be illegible for different tokens distributions, thus make sure to have a few posts every week. Or even put a schedule, visit the forum a specific day in the week to grow your rank !


New member
May 28, 2020
hi! I'm new here and I would like to find out what you can now invest well!


New member
Jun 17, 2020
Hello. The name is Donald, I'm a big fan of GoT, also I like trading. I want to become a millionaire. That's why I've decided to join this forum.


New member
Jul 1, 2020
hi! I'm new here and I would like to find out a bit more about BitCoin? Is there anyone could give me some advice?
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